Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Open letter to ETV Chattishgarh...

On 7th april ETV Chattisgarh showed news about the killings of 7 tribals by the Police of Village Santoshpur which falls under Bijapur District of Bastar Region on the night of 31st march.This news was covered by Naresh Mishra.
What surprises me most is that when you could have used this news to bring the plight of
tribals of bastar in front of the whole world,instead your news went of the air..Is your channel
under some kind of pressure for not showing the truth....

same news came in Dainik Bhaskar on 10/04/07 but it said the villagers got killed in cross-fire
between the Armed Forces and the Naxalites..when there was no cross-fire at all then why this
news?Is this what the State Government wanted to hear since their Policemen killed 7 innocent

Also on 14th August 2006 ETV showed Tourism minister BrijMohan Agrawal stamping the National Flag with his foot in front of the camera...why was it not made an issue?why not bring this issue now when there is so much hue and cry regading Tendulkar cutting a cake which had Indian Flag made on it?infact your channel went off the air for few days for showing Agrawals stupidity.even with such a huge network are you people scared of people like Agrawal and people in C.G Government?

On the night of 2nd April similar incident has happend in Narainpur district where 6 tribals have been
killed by the armed forces in Kolur area of "Abujh Maad"..will this news ever come out or as a matter
of fact will the truth ever come out of the Bastar Region?

Shame on the fronline press and media...


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