Friday, May 4, 2007

One more scam from Chhattisgarh.....

(Is this the future beckoning for the students of "Kushabhau University?)

Is it within the rule to allot land for "Kushabhau Thakre University for Journalism" on the Banks of river Kharoon?

More than 70 acres of Government land at Village kathadih and Kandul has been alloted to "Kushabhau Thakre University for Journalism" by the BJP Government of Chhattisgarh and for which construction has started recently.

Whats baffelling is that the Government officials at the time of selecting this land didn't listen to villagers warning that every year during rainy season this area gets flooded with over-flowing Kharoon river.Infact the villagers raised concerned about their cattles and also about their morning chores.But they have been promised toilets in each houses plus seperate grazing areas for their cattles for which nothing has been done so far by the Government.

What is even more surprising is that about 15 years back river kharoon had drowned even village Kathadih which is at a higher altitude than the alloted land for the university and boats were employed to rescue the villagers.

Does the BJP government really wants a university at Kathadih or was it a part of a huge land scam?

Just before Raman Singh laid the foundation of this university all the prime land were bought by the so called land mafia and politician nexus.Only one year back the lands in this area were bought and sold only by the villagers but now all this is beyond their reach since the land-mafia has increased the land rates manifolds.

If this university is allowed to come in this area very soon the cattles of village Kathadih will disappear and few years down the line even the villagers will vanish because I don't see villagers living next to"Kushabhau Thakre University for Journalism".

Recently court in Delhi put a stay at the site for the construction of Sports Village for the upcoming Commonwealth games in India because it was close to river Ganges.

Will anybody tell the politicians from BJP that nature knows how to strike back so please don't play with the lives of students by putting an university in a flood-zone area and also nobody has a right to disturb the peaceful life of villagers from Kathdih and Kandul of Raipur District of Chhattisgarh.

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