Thursday, May 3, 2007

Open Letter to Chief Minister, State of Chhattisgarh ....

Open Letter to Chief Minister, State of Chhattisgarh

By: "reachppatel"

The statement of Mr. K.P.S. Gill, former security advisor to the State of Chhattisgarh has opened the pandora's Box where serious charges of bribery in transfers, postings etc has been levied. The statement that being an advisor, his role was only limited to advise and was not able to do any thing at ground level, then question is raised why he was given an appointment when his advise was not to be considered. It is the high time now, that goverment of Chhattisgarh must come out with a white paper there by informing the list of advises that Shri Gill has given to the government and what actions has been taken by the government with respect to those advises. People of Chhattisgarh has every right to know the truth in the light of fact that at Datenwada, naked dance of violence has been unleased by the state police and the SPOs who are after the blood of innocent tribals. There is no accountabilty on the part of police. We have seen the high drama of false surrender of 79 persons by stating them as hard core naxalites. I have personally spoken to ADGP Shri Shrivastava and IG Batar, Shri Patel about the incident where they had accepted that except few, majority of them were propaganda activist of Naxals. When I was talking to them at Kanker rest house, Hon'ble Home minister informed the press at Bilaspur confidently that all the 79 were hard core Naxalites. This is the state of affairs at Chhattisgarh.

When we talk about transparency within the government and regarding its work strategy, we expect the government to make it clear why Dantewada has been selected to practise the state sponsored Salwa Judum and why no where else in other areas of Chhattisgarh?Why transperency is not maintained when people are picked up by police to be killed with statements coming from SP that they have died in cross fire, when there was no fire at all. Are lives of poor tribals of Bastar any less than Shorabuddin? When 3 IPS officers can be put to jail on the false encounter of one person, why similar yard stick is not applied at Chhattisgarh where at Bastar, killing tribals in the names of Naxals has become a routine. Now, there are serious charges levied against the government of Chhattisgarh that to muffle away huge sums of money, the game of Salwa Judum is practised.

Mr. Gill has also alleged that huge and uncontrolled corruption in the government particularly at the police departments is the root cause of the bad governance. I appreciate the actions of Shri Subhas Mahapatra who has rightly raised the questions that Mr. Chief Minister of Chhattisgarh has to answer.

Pravin Patel
Human Rights Activist.

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