Tuesday, May 29, 2007


They kill,with a vengeance..But what sets them apart from other criminals is their uniform and their licenced weapons..They are not punished but rewarded with promotions and perks!"MEN MAKE COUNTERFEIT MONEY.IN MANY MORE CASES MONEY MAKES COUNTERFEIT MEN"!
The infamous Sohrabuddin Sheikh case highlights the Encounter phenomenon and has drawn enough public flak.Why do the encounters almost always occur only late in the night or the early hours?The scene invariably deserted and a policeman rarely injured?When evidence is hard to produce ,encounters save the day for these uniformed criminals.are they turning inhuman??
Sohrabuddin,Nandigram, Surguja, innumerable instances in Bastar, Andhra Pradesh,all in the name of combating terrorism. Lathi charges, violent blows, physical torture, modesty outraged and custody deaths..where is the end??Are they pledged to eliminate crime or the criminal himself??
Police atrocities are rising by the day..NHRC only investigates the very few cases that are reported.Where does the poor man turn to, for justice??Its time the police wake up and polish their humane sides along with the guns they weild...Empathy is the need of the day.' ONE CANNOT ALWAYS BE A HERO,BUT ONE CAN ALWAYS BE A MAN'- Goethe

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