Friday, June 1, 2007


Police at your doorstep- shocked??? dont be.

All because you accessed a website of the CPI(M) or the LeT, or because you rubbed the police the wrong way in your eagerness to investigate encounter killings.These are considered evidences of you being ' anti national'.

Binayak Sen of Raipur, Arun Ferreira of Mumbai and Geelani of Delhi met the same fate.To support the cops are laws like POTA, Armed Forces Special Powers Act or Special Public Security Act, Unlawful activities Prevention Act etc. These are Acts under which held the accused needs to prove himself innocent rather than the prosecution proving him guilty.,Article 19 thus being reduced to a joke.

After half a century plus of democracy we still need a clear definition of our political rights!CSPSA2006: defines an unlawful activity as an act that has a tendency to pose an obstacle to the maintainance of administration of law and order or 'encourages' disobedience of established law or institutions set by the law.Such a law renders the media and even the citizen who wants to show his objection about mass politics, helpless!!!!

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