Friday, July 6, 2007

Raoghat Mining will hurt the RELIGIOUS Sentiments of Locals...

(RaoGhat Now)
(RaoGhat may be in 2015?)

Raoghat needs to be protected if we have to save planet earth.

On 3rd july 2007 the Business Community of Narainpur District in North Bastar called for a "Bund"(closure) .The reason was the fight between the Business Communities of Narainpur and Antagarh District for the ownership of Raoghat Township once the Raoghat mines start.

This looks like a well planned conspiracy to divert the mind of the people from the real issues surrounding the RaoGhat Mines and the Rail Project.Is it because this project was rejected in the nineties by the Enviroment and Forest Ministry?Why the State Government feels that now when there is a worlwide concern to save Environment that they will get clearance from the Ministry?

Why are the sentiments of the Indigenous people being completely ignored?

Has anyone bothered to find out about the name "Rao Ghat"?According to the local belief Rao Ghat is home too the Creator of this world Lord "Raja Rao Natraj" and Goddess "Mata Maoli"(sister of Maa Danteshwari) and their family.

Not only the local people come here to worship daily but also they gather in large numbers throughout the year and take out "Jatra"(procession) of the God and Godess.Even lot of foreign tourist come here to enjoy the wonderful eco-system present at Rao Ghat.

So any mining at RaoGhat will be like destroying the God and Goddess of the Tribals thus will come under the SC/ST Atrocities Act of the Constitution of India.

Is the State Government planning a revolt by the Indigenous people so that they can kill and displace more tribals as they have been doing since the start of Salwa Judum??

Just because "Dalli Rajhara" mines are over Bhilai Steel plant now wants "Rao Ghat" mines.What will happen once the "Rao Ghat" mines are also exhausted?

In the days of Global Warming,Tsunami and Weather Change do we really need to destroy the most beautiful and amazing eco-system still existing in RaoGhat?Is BSP playing in the hands of Tata and Essar Steel?

Are we not worried that our future generation won't have fresh air to breathe or will there be a future generations at all???

The Locals in Raoghat area have strong belief in their God and Goddess and they feel that if RaoGhat is disturbed it will bring an end to the human race.

Is the State Government listening?May be the State Government and the Business Community for once should think about what they are leaving for the future generations and not their immediate gains....
Source- Religious inputs given by Ramlal Usendiji


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