Friday, July 6, 2007

Saket Rajan's views applicable in Chhattisgarh also....

Rajan Said "These super structures are feudal in nature. In the coming days, as the movement picks up, the gods will catch cold and begin to shiver and sneeze.

These ruling class super structural institutions will openly take sides against the popular struggle. They will do their best to counter the movement, even invoke gods.

Their colour will be exposed.They will not only stand with the enemy but will demonstrate that they are themselves part of the enemy. This will provide the objective basis for isolating them from the masses."

In Chhattisgarh we have missionaries who have been converting the Tribals since the British Raj.

But the biggest enemy of the Indigenous people right now are the Hindu Fundamentalist Forces.

The Fascist BJP State Government is the perfect platform for converting the rich Tribal Culture to Hindiusm.In the guise of educating childrens from Salwa Judum the Hindutva Forces are trying to change the tribal way of life for which some local leaders have complained to the Governor.

Also the Ramkrishna Ashrams operating in Narainpur and the remote Abujhmaad Area in North Bastar instead of doing a good job of educating tribal boy and girls have no plans of safegaurding their culture and traditions.The childrens from these Ashrams now feel ashamed to go back to their villages.Is it because they have been Urbanised???Is it a good thing to happen??

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