Sunday, October 28, 2007

Bastar Dusshera-the other side..............

1) The "Manji-Mukhiyas" who us to be part of the "Manji-Sarkar" which use to govern Bastar have demanded the implementation of 6th schedule of the Constitutin of India in Bastar.

May be they have forgotten that
the resolutionwas passed for 6th schedule in 1995 but
Mahendra Karma and Arvind Netam both tribal leaders after getting money from the business community of Bastar opposed this resolution.

2)"Devgudi" which is important to all the tribals has been a thing of the past in the Salwa Judum Camps.Infact RSS/BJP are trying to convernt tribals to Hinduism by preaching 'Ram-Ram" in these camps.

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