Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Raoghat Issue..........

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Look at the irony of the above paper cutting.In the center is the Tata-Indicom Ad and the news says that maoist have called for India-Bandh because Raoghat Mines and Rail line project is being facilitated only at the behest of Tata and Essar.This is the same project hich was rejected by the Environment and Forest Ministry of India some 10 years back.So why now????

I have been writing to so many people regarding Raoghat for more than one year which included Environmentalist,NGOs,concern ministries in Delhi and others but nothing has happened so far.
Todays bandh called by the maoist in Bastar regarding Raoghat brings up an important question.Who are the real patriot in this country????
Not the current politicians,not the so called Babas,Acharyas then who????
On one hand print/media is full with Mukesh Ambani becoming the richest in the world and on the other hand they completly ignore India's ranking when it comes to poverty,unfed population,child mortality,horrible medical facilities for the poor,farmer suicide and so on.

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