Sunday, November 4, 2007

Stop using the word Development to cheat the Tribals please......

Why people keep using the word development when it comes to Bastar??/

Development for whom?Outsiders like Raman Singh,Brijmohan Agrawal???

I am very sure this development won't reach the tribals of bastar.They will just end up loosing their land.

Its high time Raman Singh realises that Tribals are the most happiest person in the world when left alone so please don't try to con them in the name of development.

Tell me under the current scenario which community in the world can boost of festivities almost daily?These festivities at times start 5 in the morning.So who is happy here?Raman Singh should stop working as an agent of Tata and learn more about the ethenicity of Bastar before destroying it for Good.

An overweight Raman Singh who can't even keep his neck straight at times should not consider the lean body of tribals for them being poor.

So stop using the word development to cheat the tribals because I feel they are the happiest lot in the world.

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