Friday, January 11, 2008


Police cracks down on agitating villagers at Tamnar area of Raigarh.

The protest of the villagers against the police brutalities at the Tamnar area of Raigarh continued to day also. To day a high level congress party delegation paid a visit to the agitating villagers to share their grievances. They also extended moral and other support and denounced the police brutalities. Other social and political groups also paid visit and extended their full support. Whole day the peaceful agitation continued with the “Economic blockade” that restricted coal transportation.

The moral of the villagers was high. Hundreds of villagers also joined the Relay Hunger Strike. Thousands of villagers continued to be on the road despite of winter cold conditions. However, to a sudden twist of the situation, police party in about 14 trucks reached the site and cracked down on the agitating villagers.

The initial reports suggests that hundreds of the villagers including Mr. Radheshyam Sharma who is on indefinite hunger strike have been arrested. There is a situation of chaos as the villagers ran on all the directions to save them from the possible police brutalities and excesses. The situation as it stands now is in fluid stage as it is already night now and the morning will tell what has happened in the night hours.

Further report from Tamnar area of Raigarh:

The incidents that took place during night hours at the site where "Economic Blockade" of coal transportation was on. In a sudden move, at about 10.10 PM, large number of police people landed at the site making a show of strength on the faces of poor villagers. They soon cracked down on the agitating villagers, arrested Mr. Radheshyam Sharma who is on indefinite hunger strike along with four others.

The camp where many women were sleeping were also abused in derogatory words and asked them to move out of the tent or else it will be put to fire. Women refused to leave the tent and stated at this point of time in the night where they will go? But the police had altogether different idea. They started ransacking the tent and soon put it on fire.

The tent and the mats on the floor all went to flames within no time. Those women had to rush here and there to save them from being burnt alive. The brave police people also created panicky amongst the agitating villagers, who ran on all the directions to save them from the police brutalities. This morning a meeting of the villagers has been held to decide next course of action.


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