Friday, January 4, 2008

This must be first in Indian History......Naxal threat for killing a Tiger

(Pic -1,click on pic for better view)
Picture 1 shows a dead tiger being carried on a forest vehicle in Chandrapur Forest Circle of Maharashtra.This suppossedly man-eater Tiger was believed to be a Tigress earlier.
This raises a serious question whether a Man-eater was killed at all?Was this Tiger killed just to please the local MLA and senior BJP leader Shobhatai Fadnavis ?
With dwindling Tiger population thanks to deforestation and poaching why do we need to kill a tiger even if its a man-eater??Why can't it be tranqualised and shifted away from human habitat?
I spoke to a wild life expert recently and raised the same questions.She said all though India is moving forward but the forest department still don't have proper equipments to tackle such situation.Most of the places don't have tranqualisers and even if they have the forest officials don't know how to use it properly.The result is that even after tranqualising the animal,few have died of overdose.
No wonder the tiger population which was more than 40,000 hundred years back is only 2000 now.When India can't even save its national animal then who cares for the farmers,tribals,dalits etc????

Pic-2 says that Naxals sent letter from Chennai to the local BJP leader Shobhatai Fadnavis under whose behest the forest officials killed the innocent tiger.In the letter written both in telgu and hindi the maoist threatened to kill her for unnecessarily taking the life of the tiger.

This is the state of the Indian Governance where anybody who sympathises with the forest and the people living in them are termed as naxals.Where prime minister visits areas affected with farmer suicides,instead of stopping the suicides the farmers toll becomes more.

We have a Tiger Reserve Forest in Sariska without a single tiger in it.Here also our P.M. made a visit but has anything changed s far.

What really hurts me is that why can't we save what we already have.Why kill tiger?Why cut trees?Why displace people?

Why can't everyone live in harmony?

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Renegade Eye said...

Very good post.

The Naxalite threatening the woman, didn't make the Naxalites look good.

At my blog I have a post about Bollywood. It is an old article. I wonder if it is still true what I posted?