Saturday, February 23, 2008

India Human Rights Review

India’s Human Rights Commission fails to track extra-judicial killing
The Forum for Fact-finding Documentation and Advocacy was shocked to learn from NHRC sources that Indian Police killed 810 persons, including 84 women and 9 children, without due process of law during 2003-2007. In response to procedures laid down on 2nd December 2003 by NHRC, the Director General Police of all the States and Union Territories reported the above stated extra-judicial killings. Read more...
Impunity: Police Firings and Fake Encounters
Shots ring out over the crowd, startling everyone in attendance. As heads turn to see where the noise is coming from, men, women and children begin to scatter in a futile attempt to escape the police who are firing on them. They know that many innocent people will be killed and even more injured, but they are powerless to stop the barrage of bullets, knives and sticks. Even worse, they know that the perpetrators will not be punished nor held accountable for their actions and will even get an out of turn promotion. They know impunity is rampant among police and state officials in India. Read more...
Rural India’s caste based prostitution: Illegal, but still persists
At the age of 18 Raveena had to make a “choice of no choice”; she became a prostitute to support her family. 12 years on and still without any education, Raveena is the sole breadwinner of an extended family of 20. There is “tremendous pressure to provide for my family in the only way I know how.” Read more...
Bijaya Kumar Baboo
When I was a child, I loved to silently observe my father as he was preparing to join the Buddha movement, where he was fighting in particular for the rights of the Dalits or the ‘Untouchables’. He was so proud to be part of that movement, to actually achieve something in life and to share this feeling and passion with others. Hours and hours he spent talking about their achievements with complete dedication and I was always listening with full attention, knowing that I would never in my life forget these stories. Read more...

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784 Killed in Chhattisgarh epidemic, State’s health system failed
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Walking against Poverty and State Repression
Workshop on Land Acquisition Bill, 2007

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