Sunday, February 24, 2008

T20 Cricket-Says a lot about commercialisation of Indian way of Life.

(its all about money honey)

I am surprised that not a single renowned cricketer has spoken against the Twenty-Twenty format of the cricket.Even purest like Rahul Dravid have happily grabbed the crores offered by their franchisee team without understanding the negative affect it will have on the actual game of cricket.Is cricket all about hitting sixes and fours with cheer leaders dancing half naked?

What about the batting and bowling skills under different conditions?In a 20 over match the organisers will make sure that the game is played on a perfectly placid wicket because they would want spectators to have full value of their money.So whats so great about hitting sixes on such wickets?

Talking of Rahul Dravid it reminds me of my days in Bangalore since he comes from there.There were huge protest when KFC(Kentucky Fried Chicken) opened in Brigades road as the locals felt it was against their way of life.But look at Bangalore now,there very own Narayan Murty(Infosys) has made Bangalore from Garden City to a Concrete Jungle.
He is the same person who was involved in insulting national anthem recently.If he had such great vision about the IT sector then I am sure he
would have also visualised the mess it will create for the Kannadigas.

So where are the people who stood against KFC now?They are very much there but can't speak against the IT mess since they are also a part of this change.There houses have been converted into Paying Guest with the influx of people from all over India.Once the streets which use to have
small-small coffee houses have now been converted into north-Indian food joints to cater to the North-Indian population of Bangalore.

The Kannadigas who use to take pride in their language only few years back are now taking pride in speaking in Hindi.No wonder BJP formed government in the State even if it was for few days.

I will also draw a parallel to the above with the plight of the Farmers,Dalits,Tribals and other poor people of the country.As long as money is involved why will anyone go against the SEZ or Salwa Judum so what if millions of people get killed or displaced?This what the cricketers
are doing so what if T20 will destroy the real game of CRICKET.

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