Monday, February 25, 2008

Advani cries watching the movie "Taare Zameen Par" but no tears for the childrens affected by "Salwa Judum"...

I am sure that the above news would have never been carried by the commercial newspapers of Chhattisgarh like "Dainik Bhaskar" or "Nav Bharat" since they work as the mouth-piece of the State Government which in turn plays in the hands of the Business-Community.

I was fortunate enough to lay my hand on "Bastar Bandhu" a local newspaper published from Bastar and wanted to share this news through my blog.

The above news says that the Iron-man of BJP L.K.Advani cried like a baby while watching Aamir Khan's movies "Taare Zameen Par" which was about a boy suffering from Dyslexia.

Later it asks Advani " if you can cry watching a movie,what will you do if you see the conditions of the childrens who are living as refugees in Andra Pradesh because of the terror of Salwa Judum"????

I feel that L.K.Advani will look himself in the mirror with pride since "Salwa Judum" was a well thought out conspiracy to uproot the tribals of Bastar from their home-land by RSS/VHP/BJP and the likes of Tata,Essar,Jindal etc.

And it looks as if their conspiracy is working according to their plans with more than 700 villages burnt down,thousands and thousands are either killed,raped,living in concentration camps or migrated to Andra Pradesh.

100 years ago(1910) the people of Bastar started the "Bhumkal" movement against the British and I have this feeling that people of Bastar are preparing themselves for another "Bhumkal".

Why are the tribals taking all the suffering because of "Salwa Judum" with a smiling face?Why are they being used by everyone in the wrong way to achieve their commercial goals?

I think its the lull before the storm and this storm will happen on the same lines as the "Bhumkal" against the British.Taking everyone unawares.

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