Monday, February 25, 2008

Tata Steel's mining licence cancelled in Chhattisgarh..

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Small victory for people trying to expose autocratic behaviour
of the State Government of Chhattisagarh and Central Government
of India in leasing out mines to Tata Steel by brushing aside all
Environmental laws.

The Delhi High Court ruling says that before leasing out mines to the likes of Tata,Essar,Jindal,Posco and others,clearance from Environment and Forest Department is a must.

The case was filed by National Mineral Development Corporation(NMDC),a Government of India owned Public Sector enterprise engaged in mining operations.

Till now the State Governments of Chhattisgarh,Orissa,Jharkhand and other States have just been leasing out mines at the whims and wishes of the Tatas and the Jindals.

Its very important now that the people busy with safegaurding the ethinicity of Tribal areas and environment should use this ruling of the Delhi High Court against the atrocities being committed by the State Government and Tata Steel in Bastar.

Now with Tata Steel getting their first major setback will they ask the State Govrnment led by Raman Singh to stop "Salwa Judum"?After all SJ was started by Karma and the BJP government to cater to the demands of the Tata's,Essar's,Jindal's...............
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