Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Is the Development in tribal areas for the tribal or is it a way of colonization of tribal areas by the the affluent non-tribal?

During my past few visits to Bastar I feel that what all that is happening in the name of development is only adversely affecting the tribal culture and tradition but benefiting the outsiders who have been waiting for such opportunities to make their fortunes.

Earlier only teenage boys and girls used to migrate for work but now even elders are feeling suffocated in their villages because of outside influence and are leaving in the name working far away from their homes,some of them never ever to come back.Either they get lost in the big cities or die of frustration. Is this the price the original inhabitants have to pay for the so called development policies of the State and Central Government?

In the villages where CRPF and other forces have their Camps are the worst affected.Other than living under constant fear of being picked up by the forces being falsely accused as naxal-sympathizer some young boys and girls are even turning mad because of this forceful interference in their peaceful lives in the name of development.Whose development I guess?

Now in Chhattisgarh 9 new Districts are being formed in the name of development.I wonder how many farmers and tribal will have to do away with their lands to make way for Government and Corporates?Is it government ploy to denotify certain schedule 5 areas so that their so called development projects can come up leaving locals working as laborer in their factory and offices?

Today all national channels are talking of Jarwa Tribes of Andaman Island as to how they are being used as Human-Safari for tourist.I request all front line media and press to visit tribal areas of Chhattisgarh especially Bastar where other than Human-Safari one will find how tribal are working as bonded labour,sex slaves etc. and how many are languishing in jails because our forces feel that all tribal are farmers in the day and naxalite in the night and how many lives were lost because of Salwa Judum?

Is this development or exploitation?

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