Monday, December 10, 2012

Suggestions required for Separate "Bastar Rajya"...

Dear Friends,
I am looking forward for suggestion regarding my endevour for safe gaurding the interest of the people
of Bastar.I am planing to distribute pamphlets during Gondwana Samaj ghathering to be held on 14 to
16 December at Kanker and also during occasion when there is a gathering of Indigenous People of Bastar.
It is important to understand the local view point regarding a separate "Bastar Rajya".Will a separate "Bastar"
protect the culture and traditions of the Indigenous People and stop exploitation in the name of development?
I request all to email their suggestions at as soon as possible.

One of our supporter suggested the following :-
The leaflet should contain the following-
1. Glorious History of Bastar- Describe how Bastar was not directly part of British regime and how British failed to put under their slavery. The glorious identity of GUNDA DHUR and later the heroics of Praveer Chand Bhanjdev.
2. Bastar is Cheated- How the political class cheated Bastar and its simple peace-loving people. How they conspired to kill Bhanjdeo, their beloved King. How the rich resources of Bastar being looted even after independence. How counter-insurgency have created civil war and fratricide of Adivasis of Bastar.
3. What ailing Bastar today- continued loot of Bastar by political class and outsider business community, invasion by Army, rampant corruption, jobless adivasis, land alienation, destruction of forest and violation of forest rights, diversion of water, destruction of tribal culture and identity, rampant mining and destruction of environment and agriculture.
4. How Bastar can be resurrected-  Bastar can be resurrected if Adivasis get aware of his/her identity and dignity; and resist against his/her exploitation. It is all possible through people's movement and mobilisation. Adivasis have to demonstrate  that they are no longer dependent on both Cong and BJP and can form their own political outfit and front. They can not be kepy divided and deprived of political representation.
5. How PBP(Prithak Bastar Rajya Party) party can help them in organising- Share with them the vision, agenda and the strategy to get align.


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